1000mm X Carve up for sale Cambridge UK

Machine has all of about 3 hours on it. Baby is here and I dont have the time or the patience to work through the kinks. The whole machine will go along with the dewalt router. If theres interest I’ll send pictures. £1200

I live in the UK
I would be interested to learn more about the machine you have for sale!
Dave Green (live in Kent, UK)

Sure thing David. What would you like to know?

Hello Arron,
Would you send a couple of pics so I can see how it looks?
What are the kinks which need addressing?
Please bear in mind that I am a total newbie so talk to me as if I’m a 10yr old!

I will attach a couple of pics tomorrow when I get home from work. Kinks wise, I’m not a fan of Easel whatsoever. And I’m not near patient enough to sort out a G code sender I can tolerate. I’m use to a production machine that doesnt really need a whole lot of fine tuning after install. And this machine does on initial setup. Small things that are thoroughly discussed throughout the forum (losing usb power, static issues) which can easily be rectified with the right person doing the refining. I’m just not that person. Cant fault the machine in any way, I should have just dug deeper into the fine details before I jumped into buying one

Thanks for the info, will look out for the pics.

The loose pieces on the waste board was just extra waste board I was using

Thanks for sending the photos.
The next step would be for me to come and see the machine working.
Unfortunately at this time that isn’t possible, if that changes & you still have the machine perhaps we could arrange that!
Thanks for taking the time.
Regards, David

Do you still have the machine for sale?

Heya Steve, yes it’s still gor sale

What spec is it? Do you have any extras - dust extraction etc? & which router do you have?
You mention a few problems with easel & completely understand. Any other issues?

Basically bought just about everything I could. Dust collection kit, homing, dewalt 611, think you can see everything in the pics I posted. Only had it a handful of months so its the latest version. The only real issue is my impatience. Not liking easel, usb connection and homing are all things thoroughly talked about on the forum if you’ve combed through them. And with the baby here I dont have the desire to work out the kinks. So it’s for sale and I’ll wait till I can buy a proper machine

Hi Aaron,
sent you a pm

Hello Aaron,
Would you happen to still have the Xcarve


Is it still available?


Hey, if still for sale, I’m in Cambridge and can send payment via PayPal today and pick up this evening or at your convenience.

Sorry for the late reply but it has already been sold