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1000mm X-Carve w/ Dust System for Sale - Atlanta, GA

I am selling my 1000mm X-Carve system because I don’t have the time to use it these days.

Looking for $1300 for the X-Carve System and the table-top it is all mounted to. Does not include the table below which I built to roll it around. Below is a list of all of the included components.

Product: X-Carve®
X-Carve DeWalt 611 Spindle Mount
X-Carve Arduino/gShield Motion Controller Kit
X-Carve Power Supply Kit
X-Carve 1000mm Wiring Kit
X-Carve 1000mm Drag Chain Kit
X-Carve Limit Switch Kit
X-Carve Clamp Set
X-Carve 1000mm Rail Kit
X-Carve ACME Lead Screw Kit
X-Carve NEMA 23 Stepper Motor Kit
Product: X-Carve Dust Control System - 30740-02

I am only doing local pickup and will not be shipping this. The machine runs great but will need some tuning to the limit switches to make sure they are working properly. You’re welcome to jog the machine upon pickup to ensure it is working properly. I last used a few days ago for a few final carves.