1000mm X-Carve with upgrades for sale - Mesa, AZ


I am parting ways with my X-Carve due to not having time for it with young twins. Have a few different “options” I am selling this with depending on what a person wants;

X-Carve 1000mmx1000mm Bundle which includes;

Dust Control
Tool kit
Clamp Set

Triquetra X-Y-Z touchplate with probe
TBD CNC Linear Block Bearing Z Axis (Much more ridgid than stock and allows for 6" of Z travel).
Upgraded motor for Z-axis
Y-Axis dust covers 3D printed and connect with magnets

Upgrades also included but not installed
TBD CNC Complete 2GT 9mm belt upgrade kit (just never got around to installing it)
TBD CNC 2" Risers/stiffeners (just never got around around to installing them).

Notes - The only thing not included is the jtech laser controller as a buddy asked if he could buy that from me.

For a local pickup I am asking $2000. I am in Mesa, Arizona and would prefer not to ship as I have no clue on how to properly pack this without risking damage, but open to suggestions if there is absolutely.

If you would also like the laptop included it is a Dell Latitude 7490 with an Intel Core i5, 8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD, and Windows 10 Pro. Will include that for an additional $250.

If you would also like the workbench it is on I am willing to include that as well for an additional $250. The dimensions are 67" x 50" x 36". Only thing it would not come with is the wood that it is currently holding.

Link to pictures; https://photos.app.goo.gl/8o2FJwfgDfv57Tky6


Hi is this still available? Does it come with any bits?

Also wondering if this is still available.

Hi, what you asking for the touch plate and will you include the numbers for the software activation?

still available?

Hi, is this still available, thanks

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