1000x1000 for sale, Southeastern PA

I have a 1000x1000 in perfect working condition (caveats in a second) with 611 router, dust collection and sideboard. I will also include all the hold-downs, clamps, ramps, etc., as well as a handful of DIY cam-style clamps and the Z-probe. I will include some basic bits I have, if you need them, so you can get started, but as I am strongly considering getting another CNC in the future, so I want to keep some of my better ones.

I just overshot it on size when I bought this. No matter how I organize, I can’t get this to be not obtrusive, and I don’t use it enough to be willing to put up with it anymore. I estimate I’ve maybe accumulated 10-20 hours on it. I will say it works ‘perfectly’ with just two disclaimers:

  1. I’ve never done an amazingly intricate, complex carve that required pinpoint precision. I’m including a couple pics I have of results, you’ll see what I did was pretty basic but I think the results were pretty good. That said, if someone went through a vigorous calibration today on it, I’m sure they’d find room to improve. I’m considering the calibration accuracy separate from the working condition of the unit itself. I think in that sense, it’s effectively perfect.

  2. The only other thing I can think to mention is, though I installed limit switches physically, I don’t know if I didn’t wire them right or they’re not in the right place, but I don’t think they work. Especially on my Z, I’ve had the machine hit the physical limit and try to keep going (not to any damage, just motors clicking). I’ve never bothered to try to address it, I just worked around it.

Any questions, please ask. I’m asking $1,500. I am about an hour from Philadelphia. I believe this would fit completely assembled in my SUV, so I would be willing to drive a little to accommodate a meet-up.


I am interested in your X-carve. I am located outside of Harrisburg, PA. Can you send me an email to discuss more? w.e.tanis@gmail.com


I sent you an email, William. Thanks for reaching out but I actually just sold it today.

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