1000x1000 Kit?

I’ve searched on the forum but didn’t find anything. I have a SO2 upgraded to X-Carve and I’m considering expanding to 1000 instead of 500. Just curious if there is a pre-configured kit to upgrade to 1000x1000? If not a kit, a BOM that I can use to source my own parts?


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just go to the Inventables home page and select X Carve. Then select “Configure”.

There’s no way - that I can tell - to avoid including the base package. I just need the rails, wiring, etc. I’ll look again.

so you have to choose either the “Shapeoko 2 Upgrade Kit - [$173.00]” or “X-Carve Core Components - [$245.00]”. I’m pretty sure I don’t need either.

@Zach_Kaplan - suggestions? Or anyone else from Inventables?

BTW - spent the day at National Maker Faire today. More inspiration to keep making and building!


I had issues with my order called the number and the lady I talked to was able to do a lot more then the website could. I would call if I was in your shoes. Easy to deal with. They can help you out with ordering the right parts.

@TheGuru there is no pre-configured kit at this time to do that upgarde. I suggest contacting Inventables Support or giving them a call at 312-775-7009 and they can work with you to understand your exact set up along with the changes you want to make to help you build the right shopping cart.

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I am also considering an upgrade. This would be a good off the shelf upgrade, if it were available.

Me too. It would be nice to have an “upgrade from 500 to 1000” option right on the page.

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Yes please. Leave everything which is already in the 500mm kit.

FYI parts for sale. I just modded my 1000 and no longer need the 4 Y end plates and lower support rails (base) since I made new plates and a torsion box. I also have 3 sets of 15ft. Gt2 belts. All of these parts are brand new and never used. I’ll be posting soon in the for sale section but thought I’d let you guys know here since you’re talking about buying the same parts.

PM me if you want to discuss more.

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