1000x1000 like new Xcarve. Portland, OR

I’m trying to sell my 1K x 1K XCarve CNC. I’ve had the router serviced once after about 50 hours of milling to keep it in good working order. It cuts wonderfully. Probably an overall 75 hours of time logged with it.
I am trying to sell my machine to pay for vet bills, and the fact that I have access to a full-size 4x8 techno LC series cnc at my current job. The tool is no longer needed.
I’d like to pass it off to another eager crafts-person.

Please call or text if you’re serious about making an offer. I’m not wild about the idea of disassembling it and shipping it. So an ideal candidate would have to be local enough to the PNW to come pick it up.

I’m asking $1750. Lowest price.


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