1000x1000 Upgraded X-Carve for sale, North Alabama, LOTS of extras- $900

I moved to AL from IL back in 2020 and haven’t touched my X-Carve since, so I’ve decided to sell it. Hoping to gauge interest and see if the price is reasonable.

I have the following:

XCarve 1000x1000 w/ single solid X axis bar
Upgraded X&Z axis Nema23 stepper motor
Z axis CNC4Newbie linear rail upgrade
Suck-It dust boot
Tri-Quetra touch plate
Taller Y Axis End plates
New-Ish DeWalt router, brushes are still good, but no guess as to hours
X-Pendant (From Mechanical Goose Designs)

I’m also including Phil’s Demon CNC controller, I bought this when he first released them and fully intended to upgrade it but never did. It’s a ~$300 value IIRC.

No wasteboard is included, I have it mounted to a torsion box that weighs a ton and will be re-using for a workbench top, but I will include extra belts, some misc hold-downs as well as a bunch of misc parts from the build. You won’t be disappointed.

The machine works great, and I used it without fail for several years before the move and outside of belt replacements I really never had any issues. The Y plates and Z upgrade were awesome for increasing the Z height and I couldn’t even guess the number of things I made with this machine, but it was a TON!

Also, just to be sure, I just fired it up, homed all 3 axis and jogged the machine with the pendant, looks good. $900 + buyer pays shipping.

Also - IF you are close to Huntsville AL AND are willing to come pick it up AND you have help (I cannot lift anything) I am willing to throw in the torsion box with T-Track, otherwise the T-Track and wasteboard \ torsion box are not included. Box is 46"x46"x4.5" and weighs a LOT. You’d need 2 friends… :slight_smile:

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