1000x1000 X-Carve For Sale (SOLD)

I am selling my 1000x1000. Used less than 10 hours. Never had time to use it much. Would love to see someone get use out of it rather than it collecting dust in my basement. Asking $1,300. Located in southwest Indiana. Would prefer pickup so I don’t have to disassemble.

X-Carve 1000mm Rail Kit
X-Carve 110V DeWalt 611 Spindle and Mount
X-Carve X-Controller Kit
X-Carve NEMA 23 1000mm Motor Kit
X-Carve 1000mm Waste Board Kit
X-Carve 1000mm Side Board Kit
X-Carve 1000mm Drag Chain Kit
X-Carve 1000mm Homing Switch Kit
X-Carve Z-Probe
X-Carve Clamp Set
X-Carve End Mill Starter Set
X-Carve Bit Set for Fine Detail Engraving
Whiteside 60 degree Vee bit
Whiteside 1/4” Spiral Up Cut bit

what city are you in, I live in south central ky, I might be willing to drive.