1000x1000 XCarve 1 w/ computer - Phoenix, AZ - $1000

Hey Guys:

I’m selling my Gen 1 XCarve with a bunch of extras. Everything is listed below. Local pickup only. If you are purchasing this for use in an educational institution, non-profit, or makerspace I’ll gladly cut the price in half.

Here’s a video of it running (this is before I upgraded the spindle):

Note: I over-torqued the set screw on the x-axis motor and broke the tip of my hex tool off in the screw. It’ll be a bit of a pain to get it out if you need to adjust it. :slight_smile:

XCarve 1000mm kit (see image below for details)
Dewault DWP611 Router
Think & Tinker DWP611 Precision Collet Kit
PC running Linux
21" Monitor mounted on arm (see picture)
Table with wheels

Thanks very much.


That’s awesome! As a public school teacher who spends more time and money on my work than I’d be comfortable sharing, I applaud you!


I told my wife after I retired that I probably could have bought a Corvette with the money I put into the program. With her blessing, I spent over 1000 dollars a year, the last 5 years alone, as that is when the economy was in the toilet. Resource prices kept going up but the budget remained the same for all those years. More days than not started out at Lowes before school. People have no idea of what you have to do to make teaching interesting. Just a couple examples that make my point. I bought the first color inkjet printer we had when they came out. I bought a huge Grizzly dust collector when we got our first planer. You do what you have to do. These days I try and support the local teachers through Donorschoose.


Hello, I am interested. Can you text me at the DM’d phone number.