101st Airborne Division Project


They came out good. Nice job!

It’s remarkable. Stop calling these 1st project. Great job.

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Well done.


Those are terrific. Very well done for a first project.

Those are some nice looking screamin’ chickens

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Fantastic stuff!


Very nice!!

Better than the first mr. easel carve for sure

Wow. That’s impressive. My first project was a square engraved on a piece of scrap wood.

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A square or a rectangle?

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Honestly I can’t remember but I think it was a square.

Could be considered as your 101st Project.


I think it was a square.

It was a joke. If your system isn’t calibrated the intended square turns out as a rectangle…

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Ha…I was thinking about the shapes at the top of the Easel menu.

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Gilbert…thats awesome. How did u get the inlay lines black like that?

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Here one way to get the black lines

It’s quick and easy. Stain after sanding and seal with clear coat


I painted them and then I sanded the surface. It was pretty easy.

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Hi Gilberto! Congratulation to this great work! Would you be so kind and let me know the way from a photo (of the patch) to start the programm for CNC?!
Would be happy to start with a CNC, too - but I’m afraid that I’m not fit enough to make the programm for the PC.
Nice greetings from Bavaira, Germany

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