120 degree V Bit with 1/4" shaft?

anyone have a source for a 120 degree (or 130 or anything around that) Vbit with a 1/4 shaft that wont cost me a fortune?

all i can find is 1/2" shaft and metric. i have found some 1/4 shaft bits but they are way to much money. i refuse to pay $70 for a 1/4" router bit when i can get 1/2 bit for under $20. ive tried all the usual places, amazon, ebay, mlcs, etc with not much luck

I found it was cheaper to purchase a 6mm collet and then get the MUCH cheaper 6mm shank vbits on ebay.

wow i think you might be right. do you have a good source for the 6mm bits on ebay that wont take a month to get in the mail?

I have ordered several (90 deg, 60 and 30) from this seller and they all arrived in about 2 weeks

cool thanks that seller was actually one i was looking at

Where can the 6mm collet be found for the dewalt router?

model DWP-2362 here: http://www.elairecorp.com/dewaltroutercollets.html#dwcross

I have bought the same bits and the same collet. I am pleased with both of them.

Another source for bits is MLCS.

they have one for $28, not a terrible price and i usually buy my bits from them. just wanted to see if there was an alternative

I keep hearing about using a 6mm collet and am thinking about making that change. But, I have handheld routers in which I can use 1/4" bits, so I lean that direction.

yeah i understand, the thing is that $28 bit in 1/4" is $4 in 6mm

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But you have to start by buying the collet for $25. Once you have that, you can save a lot on bits, though.

yeah if all i needed is the 120° it would be kind of a wash. i am concerned about the quality of the ebay bits but i suspect most of the router bits we can buy all come from the same factories

I was worried about the quality when I bought them (they are just so cheap), but honestly they are performing perfectly. Very sharp, the angles are exactly what they are supposed to be and they just keep carving, I probably have 20 hours of carving on the 60 deg bit and it still carved like it did the first time I used it.

I found collets on amazon for $12.99 for my dewalt 611. I have amazon prime so it was also free shipping.

What! How did I miss that.

Opps. my mistake. They are $10.53. Here is the link

Be careful with cheap adapters, if they are not made to really exacting tolerances they just will not work correctly.

I understand that. I’ve used this on everything from pine to purple heart. Not even the slightest slip. Everything comes out just perfect. It turns true in the machine. I did put a depth mic against it when I found a problem. Turns out that I had a piece of sawdust stuck between the dewalt mount and the maker frame.

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