1200mm Wide Makerslide

Ever wanted a slightly wider X-Carve? I have a piece of 1200mm wide makerslide that I’d be happy to give up to someone who was going to do something cool with it—if you want to cover the shipping from Chicago (my guess is it would be around $25 to the lower 48, or you could pick it up if you’re in the area). It’s clear anodized (silver) and would need to be tapped. I actually have two but one of them has some dings on the rail faces.

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What are you asking for it/them? Would be shipping to Bloomsburg, PA.

Hi Brian,

I don’t want anything for them beyond whatever it costs to ship them. They were for prototypes that were never built. I can get a shipping quote if you want to send me your address: john@inventables.com

I am in Chicago, I can come pick it up… no shipping needed… i been looking for one. I actually was looking for 2 but 1 is a great start

I can pic it up from you , i am in Chicago… i been looking for some actually, just say when and where… you got me excited there for a second

@FerasDaya The shipping turned out to be more than I expected. You can have them if you want. One of them is quite beat up and isn’t likely to be usable but you’re welcome to pick them up. Send me an email and we can workout the details: john@inventables.com

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