125 vac spindle auto switch from junk quick look

all parts were found in my junk pile
components listed
3/4 mdf
2 12 volt relays in series for 24 volts from a old satellite dish linear actuator power supply
1/4in plexi
used outlet
scrap wire
female molex connector from computer power supply
male molex salvaged from computer cd drive
and a free roaming power cord that i keep tripping over because if i pick it up i will never find it when i need it

You’re playing with fire - almost literally - using relays like that. Do yourself a favor: disconnect everything, and don’t let so much as a stray electron get near your setup until you have either (a) a single properly rated 24VDC relay, or (b) a live-in electrician who can tell you how bad your setup is.

Seriously, running multiple relays like that is bad news. Don’t. If someone that works for me submitted a schematic like that, I’d (a) fire them immediately, but (b) not before I smacked them repeatedly about the head and shoulders with a blunt object.

Seriously. Again. That’s the 257% wrong way to do things. Don’t ■■■■ around with electricity unless you really, really understand what it is that you’re dealing with.

it does have the proper relay in it as of now. at time of construction that was what was on the table. also all is in a metal project box fully insulated with the proper rated breaker wires and cord

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Good. :smiley: Sorry for the rant, I get a bit…uhhhh… “animated” about stuff like that.

no problem i understand. but the real kicker was the supply they were removed from had them wired in series and for the life of me could never figure why. but anyhow i had built that at the time because the other side of the garage was not accessible due to contractors working and thats where the proper parts were located. this one was built to pass the time while i waited