12mm Holes

Hello all, kind of new to this. trying to cut 12mm holes along the perimeter of an object. for the life of me i can not figure it out. TIA

What part is giving you trouble?

Can you share the project?

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Brandon Parker

I just really started using this. Have had it for about 2 months. Trying to make some tombstones for Halloween with holes for lights. Have a picture but that is it. Hole just around the outside edge. Adding the holes is giving me the issue i can get one but then kinda become lost about adding the rest.

Here is what I would do…

  1. Select the Outline of your tombstone.
  2. Go to Apps, Select the Offsetter App. and choose the settings you want; Your offset distance is the distance you are planning to place the center of the holes from the edge; Select Inward and deselect “Keep Original”
  3. Select Import; You should now have an original size outline with another one inside the original at your specified distance.
  4. Select the new inside object
  5. Go to Apps, Select the Holes on Path app. and change the settings accordingly. Select Import…
  6. On your work-piece, select that new inside object again, and delete it.
  7. Delete any holes that you may not want (like the ones across the bottom or something…your choice)

You should end up with something that looks like this (or similar based on your tombstone design).


Brandon Parker

Thank you , that seems to be what i needed. Will give it a try.