12th Man Punisher

Here’s the last project out of the X-Carve,

Waiting for the last layer of epoxy resin…

I use some photo-luminescent pigment in the layers… here it is under a black light.


Very nice!
What kind of resin did you use?
Did you seal the wood at all before pouring the resins?

@AaronMatthews… The resin is a two part, 1:1 crystal clear tabletop epoxy resin. I pour it in 1/8 layers with various pigments for the effects and then a few layers of clear over those within the pocket to show the depth. The wood does need to be sealed beforehand but you can do that by just brushing a coat of the epoxy on all the surfaces and letting it cure before the first pour. If not, any air trapped in the wood will bubble out and you need to spend more time removing the bubbles with heat before it starts to kick off.

Also, if your going to do this yourself make sure you strongback the piece in both directions or the heat from the curing will warp the crap out of your work. And although it’s seems hard after 24 hours, it continues to cure for up to seven days after and the releasing of the gases and shrinkage of the epoxy will still warp the piece for that period.

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