1st Boxmaker project did not go so well. Any ideas?

Hi All. Been experimenting with the boxmaker & dogbone generator. My first run yielded tabs and slots that had gaps and did not allow the dogbone to fit snug. I have a few questions for the community to help me narrow down what im doing wrong.

  1. What is the threshold setting for in the dogbone generator?
  2. Do I have to enter the bit size as half of what it actually is?
  3. Do I cut on the line, inside, or outside the shape?

Thanks in advance!

I expect that this is supposed to be like an “allowance” setting that can make the dogbone a bit larger or smaller than it necessarily needs to be. BUT this setting doesn’t appear to do anything at all no matter what I set it to.

Actual bit diameter should be used. (Possibly larger to account for the “threashold” not doing anything IF you need a larger dogbone…)

Outside the Path

Full transparency though, I’ve only used those apps for one project actually… I made 12 Plyo-boxes (not my photo) in 4 different sizes using the box maker classic and the dog bone apps.

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