1st project with the xcarve completed. Deadpool coaster

Hey folks,

Figured I’d share a completed project.

I just got the 1000mm X-Carve put together, and with all this workspace and pipe dreams of making an archtop acoustic guitar, behold… a 4" Deadpool coaster! My wife, a huge fan of Deadpool, wanted this for valentines day.

It’s walnut, padouk, and maple, with a 18 gauge copper wire inlay.

I made many mistakes such as too big a tolerance around the profile cuts for the inlay, and I was a bit heavy handed with the chiseling of the rounded kerfs to make them sharp corners, etc… but hey, that’s how we learn.

Not sure why the copper looks wavy in the pic, It doesn’t really look like that. Lighting? messed up when resizing the image? shrug



Love it, the wood choices go really well together.

Beautiful job! If that’s your first I can’t wait to see your second project!

you sure this was your first project not like your 101st project…looks amazing

The is amazing for your first project. I think you got some strong background somewhere

That’s pretty killer. I love the copper inlay.

Thank you all for your kind words!

Well, I’ve done some stone inlay and stained glass work, and dabbled in 3d modeling and textures in the video game industry. Wood is a whole different beast, though. I’ve made other things with hand tools, but when it came to carving a 1/32" channel for some copper wire, let’s just say that doing it by hand wasn’t realistic. Loving the xcarve for sure.


Congratulations. You are very talented and your background will serve you well in the cnc world. Welcome to the forum!

that looks great!

I didn’t put any Blue Loctite on the wire. Is this going to be a problem in the future?


yup total failure ahead

Add stand up to your background as well.
Nice jab.

Good job. What bit did you use for the cooper wire grove?

The cheapest 1mm endmill I could find.

Careful. These lil’ suckers are brittle. I may or may not have broken some. I certainly didn’t pierce my z-probe plate with one either.

Bows head in shame