2 degree slope

on guitar neck pockets is there a way to route a 2 degree pitch in it Thanks ed

Technically, you could create a whole bunch of shapes to create a gradient.

This would probably be easier to create and more accurate in something like Fusion360.

I suggested something like that on this thread. You may have to scroll down to find it. It was about creating an app with the ability to let you select an object, then slope it for carving in Easel.

Would something like this work?

Mount your material on a 2 degree slope, then cut your pocket.

Slope_Cut.pdf (275.0 KB)

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ok got it to do something close. what i did was created 20 5mm x56mm segments overlapped by 1mm and strung them together to make a pocket 56mm x75mm. set the first one in line at 14 mm and last one at 16mm. each segment depth was set 0.1mm deeper than the previous one (14, 14.1, 14.2 to 16mm) nice gradual slope and all that needed to be done was a mild sanding.

It won’t work if you want to cut flat areas at the same time as the slope.

Guitar neck pockets have a 2 degree slope/incline from front to back no flat areas. I ran 2 test pieces and both went from 14mm at the heel to 16mm at the end. you can see in the photos where the routes are.

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Why would you simply not use a tapered cutter?
Or am I missing something here?

how would a tapered bit make the bottom shelf incline 2 degrees front to back

I thought it would be obvious that the material at 2 degree mounting was only for the slope. Maybe not.

I understood it as you were cutting the sidewalls.