2' diameter Oreo

Hey guys!

This is my first big project that I did on my CNC. I found a basic image of an oreo on google, imported it into Illustrator, made the SVG, and brought it into Easel where I sent the gcode over to my XCarve. After it was all carved out, and a little elbow grease in smoothing out a few issues, I covered it with Epsilon Pro by Smooth-On. This provided a nice hard shell over the XPS (pink insulation foam). Really happy with the results!

I really want to setup a camera to take time lapses!


you’re going to need a BIG glass of milk for that sucker

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Seriously!! :smiley:

I once dated a woman who said there wasn’t enough creme filling in regular Oreos, but too much filling in Double Stuff. Did you notice the past tense…

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well I bet that conversation escalated quickly lol