2 different depths of my cut

I’m cutting a single depth project, The left side is perfect and the correct depth, the right side has barely a scratch on the surface. My piece of wood was completely flat with no cupping. Does anyone have an idea why this is happening or has had this happen to them.

Thank you


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What machine are you using?

Can you share an image or two of the current status of the issue?

Does the depth of cut slowly change from one side to the next, or was there an unexpected step change at some point during the carving operation?


Brandon R. Parker

Is your machine bed level? Have you resurfaced the machine bed? Your wood can be flat but if the bed it’s sitting on isn’t, this can happen!

I have had similar issues with my x-carve. For me it seems like an unexpected step. I have a post showing pictures here. CNC cutting two different heights !HELP!

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