2 nice LED signs

i made these signs earlier on the in the year, but having my son born has meant fun on the cnc has taken a back seat and havent got round to anymore projects.

The stranger things sign is just layered mdf sprayed black with the red acrylic and opal acrylic to diffuse the leds behind, the sign is also spaced off the wall to give a halo effect.

The other sign was a demonstration piece for work, it is corian with blue acylic inlays and a translucent inlay with back lit leds, also rgb leds against opal for the sides with neon leds silicone strip.


Nice work!
Congrats on the new son! I hear you there… Mine are just 2 and just 4. My projects get done five minutes at a time, during lucky nap times, and if I’m not whipped, late at night.
I have a few questions:
What adhesive do you use with the MDF pieces (A’s and B’s) on the acrylic?
How did you add the standoffs without impacting that Halo effect? LEDs facing in, out, forward or backward?

i cant remember off the top of my head, i bought 5 or 6 different glues as i was product testing for another project, it could have been tensol 12 or tensol 70 but they are more for acrylic to acrylic (i know i definately used one of those for bonding the red acylic to the opal acylic as it dries clear) or it could have been scigrip weld on which i think is a glue to anything cement.

for the stand off i use some 10mm polycarb and made a split batten (french cleat) so a piece of polycarb sat in the back of the sign with one peice of the split batten attached to that, the other piece is screwed to the wall, being clear the LEDS can shine through, the spit batten also keeps the sign away from the wall to give the halo. i also drilled and tapped the top of the sign into the polycarb to put a security bolt in so it doesnt get knocked off the batten.

if i remember tomorrow ill take it off the wall and get an internal pic.

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very nice. How did you do the bends on the direction sign?

Normally you would use a thermoforming oven and vacuum press but I don’t have those, luckily you can use your oven at home. Just follow the temperature and timing guide for whatever product you use , once it was heated it was put over some shaped mdf, clamped and left to cool. Then joined to the flat corian.

ah, okay. Yeah that’s how I’ve done free form signs in the past, it’s just difficult to do large bends like that without an autoclave. I was curious.

Would love to see that.

My mistake, I didn’t do a split batten on this one I just did a wood spacer, It must of been on another sign I did that.
Pictures below show the lighting.