2 stage bit carve

I am getting ready to do a 2 stage bit carve. Can I do my rough pass tonight with my 1/8 bit and then in the morning start my v bit carve? Or does it have to be done at once? It’s going to be a 14 hour total time and I don’t want to sleep while it’s going

You can click Pause and Resume tomorrow. Provided the power or USB-link have been disrupted during the night you should be good.

If you write down the machine coords when you pause you can check for same values tomorrow, if the USB link or controller have been reset the machine coords will change to zero.
(Coords at CTRL+SHIFT+D aka Machine Inspector)

The X controller will remember your last X,Y. You should be able run one pass each day. Just remember to select use last X,Y. When zeroing out. Have you followed the steps to locked your motors?

What are you running with such a long cut time?

Sorry to get back late.

I just wanted to make sure the detail was good so I did a small bit

I have done a couple like that the stars, the rope anything reversed out is what takes forever to run

Nice looking project!