2-stage carve

alright… I’ve done a few two-stage carves but everything has been somewhat small, so I haven’t commented on it yet. So now we come to a sustantial carve that I’m using the two stage feature on.


So as you can see in the video the 2nd stage carve is doing a lot of hunting and pecking. Instead of just going around each object, it is doing small portions at a time, some of them no more than the router tip. Everything eventually connects, but with all the z axis movement and the other axis movements I am 3 hours into the second stage and only at 25%. Is this normal by any means??? Didn’t do this at all on smaller carves (coasters).

My Movie.wmv (6.9 MB)

Thanks in advance for your feedback… Keddy

@EricDobroveanu … Wasn’t sure this morning if I put this in the correct area of the forum to get a reply from ya’ll…

Hey @KeddyKleinbergs, this is definitely not by design. Ideally it would roll around each object in one pass. It could have something to do with the text objects themselves, but I’m not sure and would have to do some digging to figure out the problem.

In the mean time I’ve added this to the our issue tracker so we can investigate further.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

The top “text” within the pocket is actually a jpeg image I created in another program and then used the trace tool in Easel. The bottom text outside the pocket is just that, text generated from Easel. Because of the long cut time I was asleep so I didn’t get a chance to see if the machine did the same thing in that area. My guess would be no because when the rough cut was being done it carved the image first and then moved on to the text and finished each letter completely (complete depth) before moving on to the next.

@EricDobroveanu… So I’ve done quite a bit more two-stage carves and every single one is doing the “hunt and peck”. It’s hard to figure out the behaviour consistency but I can say it does look as if it like to go around a sharp radius or point without lifting the bit and pecking at the tip. This usually is not good, because it seems to chip the tip sometimes and not give me a clean cut. Also, even on a longer run it won’t go completely around an object, sometimes stopping at a point or radius, other times it just seems random… Bit wil be lowered, travel along a path, go a few inches and return along that path. At this point it will sometimes stop where it initially lowered the bit or it will continue past to another point where the bit stopped and then return back.

It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s an image or text. I just did a carve that took a bit over 40 minutes on the roughing cut, but looks like it’s going to be 2.5 hours or more on the detail pass, doesn’t seem right.

As far as functionality goes, I’m getting very good alignment on my x and y axis. One thing I’ve done is install my homing switches where I always put my x and y axis for a project, so if I have an issue with alignment between first and second stage, I will rehome the machine, Seems to work good for me! Z axis is a problem though. I use a piece of .006 shim between my material and the bit tip, move this back and forth until the bit touches, but even using this method, the “feel” of the two different size bits is different on the shim, so getting z dead on accurate is near impossible manually. Lately I’ve been tring to err on the side of the detail bit not being low enough, if it cuts just a bit too deep then i get a fuzz around all the carves which is a pain in the butt to clean up. Out of my last carves, 25 plus, I’ve only been happy with the depth of the final pass on maybe two of them…

So hey, sorry I haven’t given more input after you gave me access. I’m more that likes to analyze and test to be able to give you more coherant information from my side… Hope some of this helps you.

Hi Robert, the link to your project doesn’t seem to be working. Maybe you deleted it?

Do you have another link you could send?

Hi @KeddyKleinbergs, thanks for the feedback. Do you have any other project links you can send where the detail pass is performing poorly? We are actively working on determining what fixes we need to make in order to release this feature. The more project data we can have, the better.


@JeffTalbot… Here you go sir.


Let me know if you want more… Like I said, everyone of my carves is hunt and peck on the detail pass… Keddy