2 stage carving losing detail

Hi there ,
When i’m carving, because of the amount of detail in my projects, carving takes often more than 4 hours. I wanted to try the 2 stage carving using a 1.5 mm bit for rough carving and a 0.1mm bit for detail. Unfortunately, the detail stage only goes around the rough parts and “forgets” a lot of details. Is this a normal feature?
I was hoping that the dtail pass would “finish” the carving but as it skips a lot of detils, I went back to carving in only one stage using my 0.1mm bit to do the complete project.
Any ideas?

hi maybe I wasn’t clear enough on my problem. I’m carving pictures like the ones attached. when I’m putting it in easel, to have enough detail, I need to use a 0.1mm Vbit. the problem is that for a picture like this, it takes a huge amount of time to carve.
I was hoping that I could use the two stage carving to do a first pass with a 1.5 or 2 mm bit and the finish the details with my 0.1 mm vbit. the problem is that the second pass only goes around the path that was carved with the first bit and not going through all the fine details left over by the first bit.
So I’m stuck having to carve the whole project using my 0.1 bit and for some, it takes more than 35 hours.
I’m really hoping to find a solution to this because no only it takes a lot of time but the 0.1mm vbit is suffering after so long.