2. stage carving not working

My cnc router (YoraHome 6060) does not want to start the finishing cycle. The spindle runs to the starting point, but does not want to start the cycle. I done everything by the book! Had no problems with previous projects.


Is it possible that the finishing bit is much shorter than the roughing bit resulting in an alarm fault for risk of crashing into the lower limit switch? also it should be noted that YoraHome has some pretty good support from their own staff. including paid (and an hour free) of phone support to aid with setup or faults like this. I also suggest joining the YoraHome Facebook group for some awesome community support from other silverback owners. I also own a Silveback and I’ve placed a second wasteboard atop the stock one, because the stock one is too low once a router is installed. With the stock wasteboard I would crash into the lower limit switch all to easily.

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