2 stage cut

I’ve done another roughing/ detail cut (beta test) project using 5/8" Sapelle. So far I haven’t had a single problem or concern. This was roughed with .125 (downcut) @ 50doc/ 80ipm. Detail cut using .0312 @ 30doc/ 50ipm. Other than taking nearly 1.25 hrs (seemed long to me) due to the unusual path and cut order it did, all turned out well. I even made a 3rd cut with the .0312 to out line the eagle deeper. Just set “O” cut on all, and cut .0100doc using path outline. Don’t know what problems other have been having, but I love the app and think it’s ready to add to Easel. One thing I have been doing lately, that has helped with duplicating Z zero, is to let bit drop to surface and then tighten. Remember to make sure you bit is close to surface when you drop it so you still have least extending.


Very Nice. What Font did you use?

Created this about 15 yrs ago. The font is called Brooklyn.

@JeffParish you seem to know what you’re doing on these 2-stagers and props to you for figuring it out! I’m still unsuccessful, but had a glimmer of hope when I saw your “let the bit drop” tip for getting Z zero correct. However, when I do that, upon tightening the collet, the bit raises up off the wood. Have you experienced this?

I’m using Dewalt with 1/4 and 1/8 collets

Yes, that does happen. What I do is put slight side and down pressure on the bit as I tighten and tighten slowly.