2 Stage, or 2 Workspaces?

NooB here…

So, I see this 2 stage carving feature, and it looks like folks are using it a lot for rough/finish carving.

I want to make a Cribbage board that will have lettering (60 degree VBit), and hole drilling (straight bit).

Would I click the + sign, and add a 2nd bit, when doing a project like this? Or do I just add an additional workspace, at the bottom of the screen, and go about it that way?

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The answer is yes and no, or maybe. Sorry, couldn’t resist. The short answer is; if you are doing a simple carve and to save time you use a larger roughing bit to cut the large portions, and a detail bit to give the… well… detail - AND - you do not care which parts that roughing bit carves (this includes cutting the part out of your board), then just input the two bits.

HOWEVER, you cannot instruct the roughing bit to do a particullr part, and the detail bit another (well, you can, by changing some parts to zero depth cuts, or butting an object with xzero carve over it, but to keep it simple…).

But from your earlier description on another thread, I’d suggest the multiple workpiece option. This way you can use a 1/4" bit for rough cut, then any number of detail bits, then back to the 1/4" bit to cut the board out from the overall material.

Not an ideal process, but a decent workaround for the bit choice limitation that currently exists. With luck, the developers will eventually allow for multiple bits, and a means for choosing which carves when.

disclaimer; I’m a neewde as well. I only know the above by the school of hard knocks, and the pile of firewood that I made with my machine :wink: