2 strikes for inventables and the X carve

1 strike-they took forever to send the parts and after a month and a week, i still waiting for other stuffs.
2 strike- i assembled the X carve and after almost 7 hours, guess what, the controller doesnt work, no green light and doesnt comunicate with the computer

Great job, inventables

They have been up front with the delays.
There are multiple threads about the x-controller/e-stop issue and the fix.

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alright, so I will say this, if you didn’t read the forums/reviews prior to posting that is your first mistake. The shipping issues have been known. Now then I am still upset 2 months later waiting on a piece for mine, but I knew coming in it would be a reality. Based on your comments you didn’t read up or didn’t think it would impact you.

With that said check your E-stop. It takes a good turn to pop it back up. If you think you have it up, go head and hit it down and pull it back up to make sure. It makes an audible click coming back up. If that doesn’t work it sounds like you were impacted by the latest batch that has been having issues and you will need to contact them.

I will warn you now, this is priced the way it is as you have to do a good bit of research and trial and error to get things working perfectly all the time. Once you get it all dialed in things will go smoothly for a while with minimum upkeep. If you aren’t prepared for that, you may want to look in another direction. The forum is a great place to READ then ask, just as it should be.


Yes, check the connectors on the e-stop. There have been a few threads discussing this issue.

I used the e stop the other day when my wood rattled loose out of the clamps. Thought the e stop was disengaged when I turned it but found out you really need to crank on it to hear that click. Once I did that, boom the light went back on.

i appreciate the ones who answered with a solutions, the other ones who made this topic a drama the only things im saying is they know that they have that problem they should fix it before sending thise controller. I know this is a entry level cnc machine but i paid for it, is not rhat i got the machine for free. If im paying for something, i expect the machine at least work. I will found the way to work with the machine but i can’t learn with something that is broken already. To those who answer with a drama story thank you. Im just put my review out there.

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I read your first post and I have noticed who it was that made this a drama post.
If you do not want answers that make this topic drama then don’t post drama statements.

Reviews can be made without all that.


before any complaints are made I just wanted to point out that you set the tone in the original post.


Here is the solution to the E stop button, cut the terminals, strip the wires and re insert them. Make sure the bare wire goes in deep enough to make a good contact.

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See, easy fix. No need for all the carry on.