20 Degree Bit

Hello All, i recently purchased a set of 20 degree / 0.1mm bits from amazon. The shank size shows 3.175mm. When setting up the bit in easel. What would i use for the width? Is it the largest size of the cutter shank? in my case would it be be 3.175?

These are the specs for the bit


You should set the diameter to match the maximum cutting diameter of the V-Bit although I do not think it makes a difference for V-Bits.


Brandon Parker

Thank you, i will set it to that. Appreciated.

if its a bit from inventables you can add many bits through the setting menu in Easal. all the bits inventables sells are on the site and can be easy to specify bits.

Correct, the width of the cutter is what matter here + angle because these factors are what any tool path generator take into account. The shaft diameter have no impact here.

I use these and I set the diameter by engraving to a given depth/penetration/plunge then checking the width of the engraved line.
In one case for me that is 0.4mm/0.016in with is for engraving text and numbers in aluminium. Trial and error is your friend. I believe this can also be done on paper with Pythagoras’ theorem.

Thanks everyone