20° v bit cut times and Elaire collet question

First of all, I bought a set of 20 degree V bits for doing fine detail work but when I went to use it the weekend the cut times were very long. Like 4 hours to cut a simple name 2 mm deep. The bit has a .2mm cutting diameter… like the bit @PhilJohnson talks about in his thread. Have I my settings wrong? What settings do you guys and gals use for your 20° vbits?

Second. I have emailed Elairecorp lots of times about sending a set of 4mm and 6mm collets to Ireland but have got no reply. There is no shipping options on their website. Has anyone from Europe bought collets from Elairecorp?
Thanks in advance for any help

I have purchased from Elaire with delivery to Norway and used their online shop/Paypal.
It arrived after 4weeks with no issues.

Cheers thanks for that. How did you work out the shipping?did they send you a seperate invoice?

Thanks @PhilJohnson how deep of cut do you go with that bit? Any Idea why my carving times are so long?

I want to get the j tech setup like yourself but that will be down the road in the future. Have to get v carve and all that jazz first

No, shipping was added to the total when I went to checkout.

Ah nice one . I’m going to order that set today so. Thanks

Thanks @PhilJohnson
Thanks Phil. I deleted that project but I’ll play around with that DOC and see how it goes. I’m going to have a look around for them 30° bits you suggested too. Thanks for the help. Much appreciated

Thanks Phill . Turns out I already had them in my shopping cart with a few other things ready to pay for on pay day :slight_smile: