$200 for X-Carve Shipping?!

Any chance there is a coupon code or discount for cheaper shipping? This seems a bit steep.

I think there’s a discount if you buy 10 or more! :smile:

Are you buying the waste board? I hear that adds quite a bit to the postage cost.

Yea the wasteboard costs $133 of the shipping…

And that is why many of us are building our own wasteboards…

It knocked $257 off of my total to skip the wasteboard.

UPS really jacks their rates for big boxes. Maybe the waste board could be redesigned - something like a 4-6 tiles that would slide together with snap-lock hardware on the edge of each piece. Then instead of a 40x40x1" board going through UPSit would fit in a large flat-rate USPS box. Their flat rate “game” box is approx 23.6x11.75x3 and can hold up to 70 pounds - $15.80


I believe that the are offering a kit that has everything that would come with the wasteboard add-on, except for the MDF. Getting a piece of MDF cut down to the proper size at a Lowes or Home Depot (or whatever similar is in your area) is a quick trip and probably worth it.

I ordered the official waste board, and it’s a very lovely product, but one of the first things I did was install a sacrificial piece of MDF on top of it, since I’m use to just screwing down my work pieces rather than using the clamping method that the X-Carve waste board supports.

Yeah, with the rate UPS charges for shipping larger boxes, plus needing to ship no less than three boxes if you include the waste board? Yeah, the price seems fairly legit to me, at least it’s certainly within the realm I expected. I (like a lot of people, it seems) passed on the OEM wasteboard. In my case, it was dual-purpose: I didn’t want to pay shipping on it, and I wanted to have 1/4-20 threads for my hold-down hardware instead of the metric hardware that the stock one comes with. :smile:

I ship 80 lbs postage machines split into 2 8 cubic foot boxes from Oregon to Florida for under 80 bucks total. I’m having trouble believing the high shipping is legit.

if it 200 dollars for with the usa i hate to think what its going to be to new zealand

i buy and sell bigger items on ebay and have never paid this much for shipping say like a full size truck fender the box is freakin huge cost for fender with free shipping cost me $89 that was from cali to indiana