2014 X-carve 1000mm model versus 2017/18 X-carve 1000mm model... any differences?


i do have one question for everyone …co8ld use some information…im new to xcarve…

comparing a stock 2014 model X-carve 1000mm x1000mm with dewalt router versus a stock 2017/18 model build X-carve 1000mm x 1000mm with dewalt router

is there a difference / improvements between the two either in design…reliability…structure…features…quality?? and if so can you describe?

or are they basically the same ?
thank you

Here is a rundown from Zach back with the announcement of the new model

Thank you…saw video

Hey…i have a chance to buy a 2014 model xcarve new in box…unassembled…with dewalt…for $800

Is that a great deal or not so great taking into consideration its an older version with significant design differences structural and electronics…and flaws …issues as compared to current version xcarve?

Any input would be great in my decision making process…

The old models are still great machines and I think the 2 big improvements are the x controller and the single x extrusion. I’m running a Stock old model and I love it, though I ordered the single x extrusion and will been upgrading it very soon. A lot of people here are running modified version of the old and with all their upgrades they might be far more rigid the the new stock model. Have a look around in the upgrade category. And so if you can get a good deal on the old model take it and put all the savings into some upgrades or just grow with your machine when you feel the need for an upgrade

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