2015 1000 mm X-Carve BNIB

I am selling my 2015 1000 mm X-Carve that is brand new in the box, that’s right brand new, untouched, and still packed just as it left the factory. :open_mouth: All of the components have been kept in a climate controlled space since date of purchase. A thing of beauty really but it is way past time to turn the chapter and put this into someone’s hands who will make use of it.

I had lofty aspirations for this X-Carve and at the time of purchase, this build configuration was upgraded with a quiet 800W motor in combination with a VFD for speed control.

At the time, this was a decent hobbyist CNC especially at it’s price point. Similarly, there was no X-Controller at the time and Arduino was the entry level choice. If the buyer is local to North Carolina and can pick up, I have a 1000 mm DIY waste board for free. I have a little over $1500 invested in this and it is yours for $750. Let me know of you have any questions about specs or anything and thanks for looking!

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interested where in NC?

I am located in north Charlotte…

I have an older x-carve and would be interested in yours to use with a laser.
I am over in Indian Trail. Would you take $650 cash and I pick up at your location?

Hi Steven,

Ahh ok cool… Yea, I would take $650 for it. When would you be able to pick it up?

Can pick up pretty much at your convenience. Only day that does not work well for me is Sundays.
What day and time is best for you?

Tomorrow morning around 10am would work well for me…

I can make that work. Just need address and phone number.
You can send that to email address steve.goins@cem.com to keep your info private.

If you would rather meet at the closest police or fire department to your location that would be fine also.

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