2015 x carve with xcontroller

Need help with with spindle wiring. I have built an older 2015 xcarve 500m model and am using the x controller upgrade. However I cant find any information on how to wire the spindle. I have the included spindle going to the terminal block and then the zip wire going from the matching terminals to the spindle 0-10v and gnd. Also tried using the spindle PWM terminal. But during set up I cant get the spindle to turn. My multimeter also shows no voltage at any step.

The machine I am working on now was built from scratch. I have 3 others that were partial built i need to finish.

add some photos to the forum


On the x-carve you wire the 4

Step motors


Limit switch

The spindle can be power manual or used relay.

Photos added.

Because u have the x controller I didnt think I needed to use the orginal g shield/arudino combo.

To I need to added one of those old pieces of hardware chain at some point? How would I interface with the power supply in the xcontroller?

I’ve read thru ever instruction package I could find and have not discovered any documentation using the the xcontroller and the original spindle.

Essentially I need to know how to power the 24v dc spindle (not after market) with xcontroller upgrade

The X-Controller has no external power output.
Your DC Spindle needs it own power supply.

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i personally like this router with a build speed control.

Thanks for the rec! I hit a few stores today looking for a router that would but was unsure if they’d would fit the housing I have.

if you read the instructions for the original x-carve you will notice that the spindle is a 24 volt spindle, as such I can see why you could not get it to work with the 0-10 volt and ground as also with the Pulse width modulation signal.

as per the directions it should be wired into the original controller 24 volt at the power supply


you will need to connect this to a 24 volt supply voltage somewhere or somehow to the newer x controller. But per the instructions for the new x-controller Note: NEVER hook a spindle directly up to the X-Controller. These are only control signals, NOT power.

Spindle Control

For all AC spindles, you can use the PWM signal from the X-Controller to activate a relay to turn the spindle on and off. When going through the machine setup, select the Dewalt 611 and the max RPM will be set to 1. The PWM signal will now act like a simple enable on/off output.

For DC spindles such as the 300W Quiet Cut spindle, you’ll need to wire the PWM signal and GND to the spindle speed controller PWM screw terminals. Make sure you move the jumper on the speed controller to the right position, closest to the PWM screw terminals. Go through the Easel machine setup, clicking on “Other” and set your Max RPM to 12000 (this may be different for other DC Spindles). Wiring diagrams will be added shortly to help with clarification.