(27) Pre-Finished Wood Sheets $175

Up for sale, I have some pre-finished wood sheets. This material gave good results on both on my CNC router and laser cutter/engraver. I have since sold my machines and would like to sell these leftover materials.

Description from the Johnson Plastics Plus website:
“These Maple Laser Wood Laminates have a Fiberboard core with wood laminate on each side which is sanded smooth and finished with a clear coat. Extremely versatile. Product Note: All LaserBits Wood Laminate Sheets have an MDF/fiberboard core and are formaldehyde free. This product is made from a natural material, color and grain of wood will vary.”

All sheets measure approximately 11-3/4" X 23-3/4" X 1/8"

I would like to sell the following as a bundle for $175.00 plus shipping or local pickup from Panama City Beach, FL:

(12) Maple https://www.jpplus.com/laserbits-maple-laserable-wood-laminate
(11) Cherry https://www.jpplus.com/laserbits-cherry-12-x-24-laserable-wood-laminate
(2) Walnut https://www.jpplus.com/laserbits-walnut-laserable-wood-laminate
(1) Bamboo https://www.jpplus.com/laserbits-bamboo-12-x-24-x-1-8-laserable-wood-sheet
(1) Cedar (unfinished) https://www.jpplus.com/aromatic-cedar-1-8-laserable-wood-laminate

I’d like to buy these from you.
I’m located in Largo Florida and if you will include the shipping for $175 I’ll take them.

Sorry, I’m just now seeing this. Yes, I can do that. Please send me a private message if you are still interested.

Can you tell me where the sheets were purchased? From what company?

He included the links in the original post. Johnson’s Plastics Plus.

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That is the type wood that I use so that’s good.
If I paid you today could you ship this UPS today or tomorrow at the latest? I’m going out of town Saturday for a couple of weeks.
Let me know and if you can do this perhaps you could send me a Paypal invoice to pay you.
Here’s my email: jbrinkerhoff@att.net


I just sent the PayPal request. You will need to send me your ship to address. UPS cutoff is around 4:00PM here. I can get this out tomorrow or if you want to wait until you get back from your trip - just let me know.

I just paid the invoice and put my Kentucky address on it where I’ll be for the next 2 weeks. I hope that doesn’t cost you any more to ship there.
Let me know.

Got it! I just printed the label, you should get an email with the tracking number. Thanks!