2x4 Tele B bender

So after 4 attempts at the Tele B-Bender routing I decided to make a 2x4 prototype to dial in some issues I have been having. The first issue was 2 sided machining, finally got that process down after poking a bunch of holes in my waste board and work pieces, next I got off my fat ■■■ and ordered a Triquetra zero block from Charlie and don’t know what took so long to do that but it made all the difference in the world. And finally the route for the B-Bender is spot on after all of the measuring, drawing, routing, stressing, measuring ect, I can breathe now and can’t wait to build a couple to take to the guitar show in April at the Tacoma Dome.


I set up a tool path to dimple the string through holes and bridge mounting holes on the top with an 1/8 bit, then I used a drill guide and a #30 bit by hand to drill all the way through, worked like a charm!

The B-Bender takes just the B string and raises the pitch one step when you push down on your strap. So I guess you could say it is a dedicated B string whammy. I use it to get pedal steel type bends and accents. Amazing invention by Gene Psrsons and Clarence White. I might post a short video to demonstrate it.

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Yup, Brad Paisley plays one, I like the set up on the G bender a lot better. They actually used pedal steel hardware and a lot less routing for that set up.

That looks fantastic! B benders are so cool.

I’d love to see a post on how you set up your 2 sided cutting situation- I’d pay good money for an .stl or something too. I’m sure I’m not alone in that. I’m about to embark on trying to work all of that out for my setup, and I’m predicting a lot of head scratching and frustration.

Thanks! Here is a link to a thread I started a while back, lots of really good info here Rear routed B bender Tele project.
@TinKirFX Hey Kris, are you back in business yet? Thought you might want to chime in with our fellow B-bender enthusiast. Hope all is well…

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Hey bill, unfortunately I’m not back up and running yet. The logistics for getting a new building up have been quite a pain, but I’m close. I’m hoping to finally have my pad poured next week.

I’d be glad to answer any questions though about my experience with the b-bender.