3 axis touch plate

it would be nice to have 3 axis touch plate support instead of automatic and have a choice for 3 axis and have it custmizable so i can enter plate thicknesses and bit size in the g code string


Hands down the best accessory I have ever bought for my X Carve.

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Realizing this is a Feature Request for Easel I agree that It would be a great feature for Easel to support XYZ Plates (and not the Chrome Add-On Workaround the that only works with one specific brand)

Buuut, instead of using Easel I use OpenBuilds Control as my gcode sender and that software has built-in support for any XYZ probe. As well as plenty of other features missing from Easel…

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So I have open builds running how do I tell what the depth of my and the thickness of my plate and the Offset for x and y how do I tell it what material I’m running and how thick it is