3-Axis Zeroing

I have been using Easel Pro and X-Carve for 6 months so I kind a new-bee.
I have some more issues I have to learn.
The next thing I am working on is to zero XYZ automaticlly. I don’t see any way to send G-Code to the X-Carve. I’ need to use a Universal g-code sender to do that.
I have found many videos to do that on the internet. Some use a block then adjust for the block and bit sizes. Other use use a home built edge stop the looks like what I might uses.

Anyway My question is, if I use a G-Code sender does the set the XYZ axises and does the stay there when you switch back to Easel?
In Easel you can use HOME the have it return the the X-Carve machine switched for XYZ. (hare zero).
Does this effect the XYZ zero you set before you start carving?

The post I have found on this forum are not clear to me.
Can you help?

I use UGS and use a zero setting tool for the z axis. You write what is called a line of code called a macro and store it in UGS under…" macro". The same thing applies to the X and Y if you wanted to do that. It’s in the video linked below.

The differences there are in one unique g code command in each macro.

Once you set your work zero, it’ll stay there until you turn off the controller or close UGS. Work zero is not machine zero though. I like them to be the same, so after I home, I use that spot as zero on the drawing and I close ugs and open it back up without homing. Then work zero and machine zero are the same. It’s a couple extra mouse clicks, but after losing my work due to power failures by the elec company, I like to know I get get back to zero with minimum hassle if I need to.

I wrote the following months ago. Hopefully it will help.

If I do the zeroing with an aluminium block like in your video does it mean that there is no need for the homing switches?

This is because I got the homing switches but they never worked for me. Because they seemed to give many people problems with stopping the machine mid carve, I never bothered to get them working.

As far as I know, the macro will take the xcarve through each step on UGS whether it is homed or not. It would be like sending single lines through the command window.

Another plug here for the Triquetra from Charley Thomas. Life saver !!!

It looks like the "Triquetra " is the tool to have.

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