30 degree bit dragging on work

I have started to have a problem today with my 30 degree bit. It is not going high enough up anymore and it drags across the work, leaving lines everywhere it goes.

I have not had this problem in the past and this just started today. I was using the bit fine yesterday, I don’t know what could have changed overnight.

Does anyone know what I can do to make this work? I only have 2 more pieces that I want to make to finish.

check your setting

My safety Height is at 0.15. All of the other bits I have used today have worked fine and raised up fine for the rapid movements. My 30 degree bit worked fine yesterday, today I can’t get it to work. It’s almost like it doesn’t raise up the full 0.15.
I have check to make sure it was tight and not falling out of the collet, and that was fine.
I will try to raise the safety height up some more to see if that works.

This is an X-Carve? the new one with the linear Z axis?
I ask because I’ve seen a hanful of reports of the coupler that connects the stepper to the lead screw, this coupler being loose and that can cause the z to not lower/lift as it should and then gravity takes over and it ends up low and dragging…

BUT I’d also ensure your grbl settings are correct for your Z axis as the calibration being wrong can also cause this issue…

It is the new one with the linear Z axis. I bought it back in June. I have checked that coupler and it wasn’t loose. I will check the Z axis calibration this coming weekend when I am able to have enough time to get back into my shop.

I was able to get it to finish my project by increasing the safety height to .22.

But it’s odd that not even 12 hrs. before it was working fine with my 30 degree V bit. And it was still working fine for other bits that I was using.

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