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30 degree V Bit info

It’s been a bit (no pun intended) to add a 30 degree VBit I am looking for some decent specs and whatever else Easel Pro needs. Can anyone help here?

To enter a V bit into easel you need the Angle (30 degrees) and the Diameter of the Widest part of the cutter (so the Width of the V).
If you can link to or have part number, etc, of the bit the specs for the diameter are typically easily obtained online… . .

Regarding Cut Specs like Feed Rate, Plunge Rate, and Depth Per Pass… well that’s all determined with a ton of other factors… I’m going to let James explain that a little better here:

Thank you for the response, I found this info on a 30 degree bit, is this something that is useful to add a bit in Easel Pro.

30 Degree EXTREME DETAIL V-bit Bit for CNC

Shank: 1/4″ / Length: 2.51″ / Flutes: 1 / Flute length: 0.75″
100% carbide


Feed: 25-40 inches per minute
Speed (rpm): 13000-16000
For CNCs with routers, use full speed

eady to do some EXTREME DETAIL carvings with your CNC router?

The needle-sharp “Blade” 30-degree carving v-bit does what other v-bits can’t. It carves! Yes, this bit is a true engraving bit.

The Blade is designed with a knife-edge all the way to the point! Not only can you carve to 0.005″ detail, this CNC router bit also cuts the wood, leaving a mind-blowing smooth cut. It is a true carving bit!

Most v-bits have a flat edge on them. They scrape the wood away which leaves a rough finish. And unless you want to sand your v-carves, you just might want to invest in this puppy first.

This and all bits on this site are made of 100% solid tungsten-carbide. That’s the material the professionals use because it lasts 50x longer than standard bits.

Even beginner CNC’ers never go back once they use the Blade carving bits!