30 degree v bit

Just cut some small text using a 60 degree v bit. The detail is OK. I would like to try a 30 degree bit for a little more detail. Where can I get a good 30 degree V Bit? I did not find one on the Whiteside site.

I get 10 packs from amazon.

Are these easily dulled?Why so many?


Amana Tools has a number of different angles typically on 1/4 inch shanks. A few of these have replaceable edges and other features.

I bought in a number of odd angles when I was doing some projects with compound miters that came together in strange ways. One of these was a soccer ball shape.

I also used some of Dremels V bits but I snapped several of those.

If you’re not needing precise angles and just want something pointier, you should have a lot of options.

They do well with wood if you are thoughtful with your settings. The point is very fine on these.
They are cheap, buying one or two at a time would not be economical with shipping expense.