3018 Machine no longer reading files

Newbie to easel and cnc. I tried connecting my machine with set up new machine but it never connected. It was stuck waiting for the usb to be plugged in but it never worked (I did have my machine on and remote controller connected via USB) . Now I am trying to load another file using a micro SD card but whenever I start them to run, it will run for about 5% completion, then will say waiting and not work. Old files however, run with no issue. Not sure where to even begin trouble shooting wise so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have you tried installing the Easel Driver when prompted by Easel after you’ve added your machine?

Windows Driver

Mac Driver

Linux Driver

Also, with the SD card, I’d suggest fully formatting the card and saving the files back to it. Don’t do a quick format, but a full format.

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