3018 or AutoCad or AlltoGcode or Candle problem

I have a 3018. I use AutoCad2020 , Candle and all to Gcode. but I imagine the same problem will occur if I switch to Easel.
I drew a 2 inch square saved in DXF converted to gcode and tried to run it on Candle.
The result is the machine tries to reach beyond its limits to get to the workpiece. Can anyone help?
G1 F1000
X1144.714478 Y2035.788208
X1144.714478 Y2035.788208
X1146.714478 Y2035.788208
X1146.714478 Y2037.788208
X1144.714478 Y2037.788208
X1144.714478 Y2035.788208
X0 Y0

How did you “convert” the DXF to gcode? Your gcode starts over 2 meters from your work origin.