3018-PROVer V2 says carve complete as soon as it touches

New owner. Machine seems properly setup. All axis work correctly. Seems to home correctly. First project trying to cut out on 1/8" cast acrylic. All settings in Easel appear correct. After beginning the carve process and watching the spindle track over to begin, as soon as it touches the material, the machine stops and says carve complete. I’ve checked and double checked every setup option I could find. The simulation never shows any errors. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Is it possible the cnc is crashing into the lower z axis limit switch?

This is common on a 3018. You may need to lower the spindle in its clamp or raise the workpiece…
Reference James Dean Designs on YouTube and his 3018 playlist. He shows how to make a sacrificial wasteboard to place atop the stock one which takes care of raising the workpiece…

Are you able to use the CNC xPRO V5 Controller with Easel, and Easel will run your entire cnc machine?

I do have a sacrificial waste board on top. But rehoming it seemed to have zeroed any issues with that out. But I’ll certainly follow up on the spindle issue.

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I’ve only used Easel through the USB so far. Considering downloading the file and going through the control instead.

what do you mean only used it through USB? Im a total newbie, not sure what the means, dont you need to use xPRO V5 to make your cnc do the cutting etc… ?

The xpro v5 is a cnc contoller board setup sold be spark electronics. This is one is MANY cnc controller boards. The OPs 3018 likely does not use the xpro v5 considering that the xpro v5 costs more than a 3018 cnc…

The 3018 comes with a USB cord you can plug into your computer. You can control your CNC thought Easel on your computer. That’s what I’ve been doing so far.

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