3020 MySweety Router Upgrade

I’m researching if it is possible to put a 65mm router mount on this machine so I can run a 1.25hp router. Any thoughts out there.

Also, is there any Tech Support for the MySweety CNC systems??
Thanks Greg

Not from Inventables… They have nothing to do with McSweety machines.
Not here, unless you have a specific question that someone might help with.

Those are cheaply made machines. I’d focus on improving the rigidity before looking to a bigger, heavier spindle. That said, there’s no reason it couldn’t be done.

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I have an all metal 3018 I recently bought it just to see what these small machines were all about. I was surprised how rigid the Z axis is with the metal parts, more rigid than the X carve I use. So, I think it is pretty doable, but I’d be concerned of the weight factor impacting the flex and strain on your Z motor.

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