32 bits vs bits computer

it is a requirement to use only a 64-bit computer
or can I use a 32-bit computer?

If you’re strictly going to use Easel, the system requirement are located here:


It doesn’t mention whether it requires 32-bit or 64-bit, so I would imagine either would work.

If you’re going to use a different CAD/CAM program, you’ll have to research the developers system requirements.

Thank´s Tarry

My laptop is a 32 bits, so I start with it , and hope it will work.

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Robert my friend

You give me hope
Maybe I don´t have to dismantle (wrong word?) my computer
Please correct me if you like, it´s ok

Kristian / Sweden

Where did you get the Vectrics Aspire
and is it expensive ?

You can either purchase it through Vectric at http://www.vectric.com/store.html or you can purchase it through Inventables at https://www.inventables.com/categories/machines/software. Both places have it listed for $1,995.

The cheaper option would be VCarve Desktop ($349) or VCarve Pro ($699). They both do quite a bit of the same things that Aspire can do. You can download a trial version of VCarve to “try before you buy”.

I use Aspire and like it a lot (except the price). The Vectric website has many tutorials to help ease you into using VCarve or Aspire.

@RobertCanning - most computers manufactured in the last ~5 years are all 64 bit. I cannot say the same about the operating systems though…