360CNC XYZ. Probe

I recently got a. xyz. probe. for the X-Carve with X-Carve controller. I. have. cut and pasted the G-Code into the inspector, but is still will not XYZ probe. It only does the Z axis. DOes. anyone have any experience with a XYZ probe install. I have even installed the UGS program and it wont connect to the controller.

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This might help, or you can check out Open builds controller?

(161) 59 - Triquetra Touch Plate Review - Manhattan Wood Project - YouTube

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Using Easel to XYZ probe requires either the Triquetra Google Chrome extension software OR manually sending those custom gcode lines before every carve. . .

Personally I suggest OpenBuilds Control as it’s already setup for XYZ probes and really simple to setup. I did a livestream a few weeks back and covered the XYZ probe setup process in OpenBuilds Control software >> Easel Updates, OpenBuilds Probe Setup, Q&A in the Shop - LIVESTREAM 12:30 PST - YouTube

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