382 oz-in steppers with 1.5kw Spindle on a 1000 x 1000mm X-Carve

Hi. I am a little new to CNC Machining. That meaning I have done research for a few years, and I am just now buying the parts for my machine to build. Is this configuration possible? I know the spindle is over 2.5 kg and is water cooled. I am wondering the amount of warp with the aluminum extrusion do to the stress of the weight.

Here is a link to a thread we have been talking about filling the gap between the maker slides.

This would greatly improve the amount of weight the carrage can carry.


Thanks for the redirect, but I can not currently read his pdfs. Seeing if he can reupload them.

ok, I got it working, thanks

will the standard belts that ship with the x- carve work? I will be using tinyG so there will be some faster speeds. I am worried about the belts breaking.