3D carve didn't finish

I was doing an 8 hour 3D carve everything went well with the roughing path. Started the finishing path and noticed that in one spot the carve got deeper so I stopped the carve checked the machine out a long with the belts and all was good. Started the carve again in the finishing path and got all the way to 15 minutes left and the carve just stopped. The machine said the carve was finished but the router didn’t raise and it didn’t return to the home position just stopped in place. I turned the router off and raise the it so I could return home by jogging the machine. Can anyone tell me what the heck is going on here? I beginning to think my machine doesn’t want me to do this carve because this is the third time of trying to do it. first time the bit came loose so that was my fault.

you can press ctrl+Shift+D in Easel to open the Machine Inspector Page. IF there is an alarm status showing, this would be the cause of the carve stopping.

Which Model CNC are you using? & Can you share the Easel Project here.