3D carve on guitar neck is terrible

ran it today with rough pass and detail pass on both sides and the result is way rough I used a 1/4 down cut on the rough pass and a 1/4 ball nose on the detail pass.
Easel - 22 Fret Non-Tilt v16 (inventables.com)

Is this the best easel can do thanks

Looks like it should have made a final pass around to clean the edges up. Also you may have your stepover to wide.

No, your settings are causing this.
The bit and stepover are too large.

I cannot see the project to provide more pointed advice as it hasnt been shared …

Please share the project as shown in the 2nd half here… once its set to unlisted yhe above link should work for users besides only yourself…

Heres some info about stepover and ball bits which might explain most of what youre seeing there…

Unfortunately this function is lacking from the 3d workspace in Easel still.

Easel - 22 Fret Non-Tilt v16 (inventables.com)

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I would use a 1mm tapered ball bit and the current 8-10% stepover OR a 1/8" ball and a 4% stepover in order to achieve virtually no scalloping on the back side. this will also help with the edge scalloping BUT a tapered ball bit will also cut more away near the top as it plunges along those edges.

Sooo the tapered bit might be counter intuitive for the perimeter part of the model, so maybe just the 1/8" ball bit and a smaller stepover to help… being able to carve the perimeter as a separate cut as @WayneHall indicated will clean up that side edge a LOT BUT easel cannot do this yet… not until we can get Easel to trace the perimeter of the STL and provide a vector over in the 2.5D workspace to do a perimeter cut!

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